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  • Kristopher knows how to harness his passion and work collaboratively with others to advance sustainability. He is indefatigable in his work ethic, open to the views of others and people savvy.

    Emay Cowx, Principal, C2C Strategies
  • Kristopher is an energy-policy Jedi, consensus builder, skilled diplomat, and passionate champion of community-based sustainability. He is professional, responsive, and down-to-earth.

    James Glave, CEO, Glave Communications
  • "Kristopher’s insights, network and strong connection with our core values make him an invaluable and dependable ally for us at GP JOULE when we are exploring new markets, developing innovative business concepts or engaging local communities and potential partners.”

    David Pichard, VP, COO, CDO Americas, GP Joule
  • "Kristopher is a results-focused leader with an excellent understanding of policy, communications and business comfortable with delivering exceptional results with a minimum of resources."

    Marion Fraser, Principal, Fraser and Company
  • "Kristopher is an exceptional consultant with a deep knowledge of sustainability, an astute sense of stakeholder sensibilities and an advanced degree of social media savvy."

    Robert Pickard, Principal, Signal Leadership Communication



A future where all businesses and communities work to maximize economic, social and ecological value to benefit this and future generations.


To build economic, social and ecological value for our clients and society through stakeholder engagement, sustainable business strategy and impact investment opportunities.


At Centre of a Circle consultants we believe that to be effective we first need to understand the “why” of what our clients need.  We engage in interactive customer co-creation with the goal of creating economic, social and ecological value maximization using a relationship-centric systems approach.

Kristopher Stevens

Kristopher Stevens

President / Sustainability & Innovation Advisor

Kristopher is an experienced consultant, advisor and catalytic leader in the field of economic, social and ecological value creation with more than 15 years experience on four continents in commercial, public, indigenous and community partnership building, sustainable energy, strategic planning, impact investment, communications, stakeholder engagement and policy and regulatory change.

Kristopher is currently working to advance sustainability and innovation in businesses and the labour movement while facilitating the formation of intergenerational and adult cohousing projects in Eastern Canada. In this capacity he serves as the President of Centre of a Circle sustainability consultants, the Sustainability and Innovation Advisor to the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers and as a Board Member of Sage Cohousing International.

Prior to his current work Kristopher served seven years as the Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and was the founding Chair of the alliance that successful secured Ontario’s Green Energy and Economy Act making Community Power, manufacturing, community planning, conservation and renewables a priority. Other highlights from his career include recruiting executives for Fortune 500 multinationals in Asia, hosting a popular South Korean radio program and researching economic reform in Africa and the sensitive topic of social friction in Ontario's electricity sector.


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